Be a Free Spirit

Day 5. #writingchallenge | Be a Free Spirit 🍃 Someone called me a 'gypsy' today and I opened the dictionary to understand what that … [Read More...]

The Universe is cool

Day 4. #writtingchallenge | The Universe is cool “When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve … [Read More...]

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The Little Things

Day 3. #writtingchallenge | The Little Things 🍄🌱 There are so many life lessons to be learned from travelling that I could write here forever. Today I decided to choose one subject that made big impact on how I appreciate life now: the little things. I believe that travel around the world is the best […]

Should I go?

What better way to expand your perspective about the world than try to see as much of it as possible? Here is my Day 2 #writtingchallenge. You are not going to know about the world reading books, seat in front of the TV or look the photos of your Facebook traveler friend who posts amazing […]

My first skiing experience in Cardrona, New Zealand (what a happy person)!

My secret to Happiness? Experiences.

Today I am starting my 30 Days Writing Challenge talking about something simple that we all probably stopped to think about it one day: Happiness (). What happiness means to you? I think we agree that happiness is always caused by something: you buy a new car, you are happy; you were promoted at your […]